self portraitHi! I’m Shadow and I edit visual novels and prose fiction.

I’ve been editing fiction since 2009, focusing on helping beginning writers express their stories and themselves. After beta reading short stories, proofreading novels and editing everything from articles to print books to poetry, I began working on English-original visual novels when I joined Project White.

I’ve been on a lot of teams since then and together we’ve worked on some amazing things, like a multi-episode RPG, Steam’s first Ren’py visual novel, a Touhou-inspired side-scrolling shooter and a Western-style eroge on MangaGamer, to name a few. There are many more great projects I’ve helped out with and many more I’d love to be a part of. My hope is that I can not only help English writers tell their stories in this medium, but also help with non-English speaking developers translating their scripts for English-reading audiences.

Of course, if you feel you need an editor or just want someone to work with and bounce ideas off, send me a message! I love talking about stories and games, and getting to hear about new ideas.

Very representational picture by mochimaruvii.

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