NaNoRenO 2015 Projects!

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015 in Projects

NaNoRenO is officially over for the year and I’m more than pleased to share the projects I was a part of during March’s month-long game jam aimed at making a complete visual novel from scratch. The first game that I helped with was Innate Imperfections, an action/drama visual novel about an assassin looking to change her ways. […]

Year In Editing (2014)

Posted by on Dec 28, 2014 in Thoughts On

After last year’s abundance of amazing projects, 2013 was going to be pretty hard to beat. Things certainly weren’t as busy this year, but I did get to work on a wide range of projects as always. I started the year editing a series of short stories released as part of Vacant Sky Awakening‘s exclusive Kickstarter backer […]

The Reject Demon: Toko Released!

Posted by on Feb 15, 2014 in Projects, Release

As Lupiesoft’s resident editor, I’m proud to announce that our Valentine’s Day visual novel, The Reject Demon: Toko, is now available! The Reject Demon: Toko is about the titular demon who has failed to do her duty and has thus been exiled from Hell. Unless she can reap a soul in the human world and ferry […]

Vacant Sky Awakening Preorders Open!

Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in General, Projects

I gushed slightly about Vacant Sky Awakening in my year of editing post, but its time is approaching and now you can wait with me in excitement as the release date draws near! You can preorder episode one over here, as well as scoop up the “Paradox Prince” bundle which comes with the first three […]

Best Ofs Awards 2013

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in General

VNsNow! started the “Best Ofs” awards in 2011 with the aim of recognising visual novels and developers that excel in certain categories each year. Over the years, it has added more categories to recognise more people involved in the process of making these games. This year was the first year in which awards were given […]

Year in Editing (2013)

Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in Thoughts On

I really need to show my gratitude for all the amazing things that have happened this year. I’ve been so fortunate to have met lots of great people and work on great games and even try my hand at new mediums so I can learn and grow as an editor. In my personal life I […]

Hate Plus Released!

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Projects, Release

Hate Plus, the DLC-turned-sequel game by Christine Love is now on Steam! Hate Plus continues your adventure after you departed the Mugunghwa with *Mute, *Hyun-ae, or the two AI constructs in one core. From there, you discover log files from before the year zero and go on a reading adventure of despair, cake eating and discovery. […]

Break Chance Memento Demo!

Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Demo, Projects

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been working together with Camille of Cyanide Tea to edit their latest visual novel, Break Chance Memento. And now the demo is out! You can’t play the 2013 demo anymore, but an updated demo is available over on and Steam. Breack Chance Memento is a Sci-Fi boy’s love […]

VNs NOW! Interview and EVN Bingo

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in General, Projects

The lovely JP over at VNs NOW! has interviewed me for his April spotlight! You can read about some of my editing history, my thoughts on VNs, and where I hope to go in the future over here. VNs NOW! is a website that highlights the passion in the English visual novel scene and holds […]

Nocturnes Magazine Issue 3

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Projects, Release

The final issue of Nocturnes Magazine is out! I worked on the editing staff for the magazine since  February 2012 and you can read about some of my roles in my portfolio. This issue was my first exclusive management role, as I had to take over after our Editor-in-Chief disappeared. Our initial release was scheduled […]

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