Best Ofs Awards 2013

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in General

VNsNow! started the “Best Ofs” awards in 2011 with the aim of recognising visual novels and developers that excel in certain categories each year. Over the years, it has added more categories to recognise more people involved in the process of making these games. This year was the first year in which awards were given to people whose work was practically invisible, with directors, programmers and editors given the chance to achieve Best Ofs greatness.

I spoke up at the end of 2012 to include these categories as, well, I knew firsthand how invisible work is as an editor, but also because programmers and editors often work very hard to make their work as invisible as possible. While you don’t do the work for the piles of gold and adoring fans, hearing people discredit your position by saying something like “anyone can do that” or “I can just rely on playtesters” is pretty disheartening and lessens the importance of a position that is actually pretty damn important in any final work. So having recognition in place for these positions should hopefully work against those comments and even encourage people to try out editing. And programming, I guess.

Which is why I’m proud to announce that I took the title of Best Editor in this year’s Best Ofs for my work on Hate Plus!

I’m also proud to say that Hate Plus took out another two awards, one for Best Original Song (It’s Not Ero! feat. Senah Kim) by Isaac Schankler, and one for best writer, awarded to Christine Love.