Past Projects

Posted by on May 5, 2015 in General, Thoughts On

While updating the site with new screenshots and information today, I thought I’d turn to the past for a moment to think about all the projects I’ve been a part of. For various reasons, I don’t showcase everything I’ve ever done here, but I do put some no-release projects on my portfolio that I felt I put a lot of work into.

At any rate, here’s a list of projects I have been involved in somehow, whether I was simply listed as on staff to edit, helped out in some way, wrote for it, dropped out, had my edits overwritten in the final version, or completed my job while the game never released. Everything’s in alphabetical order, with studio name first and project title after.


Cold Acid Entertainment – Painter Story

Dischan – Dysfunctional Systems Episode 0: Orientation

Divulge – Project White

Hayzel – Echo: Legend of the Centennial Bells

Lilium Noire – When The Bells Toll

Lion Box Studio – Soul and Heart

LizBeth – A Cat With One Life

Neko-Soft – Chocolate’s Delight

Polymorphic Games – Untitled SciFi Game

Studio NiHi – Shock Cocoon

Studio NiHi – Little Witch Sayuri-chan (v2.0)

Zeiva Inc – X-Note (v2.0)

(No Name) – Love Despite


Edit: There’s been some confusion that this was a dead projects list. While a fair few projects are indeed cancelled, or have moved away from being VNs, this list an equal spread between me dropping out of an ongoing project and moving away after completing my work. Two of the games on this list have in fact been released, in full, and a few games are still in production.