The Menagerie Preorders Open!

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in General, Projects


It’s that glorious time of year! Lupiesoft’s next big project, The Menagerie, is open for preorder! You can snap up Lupiesoft’s first full eroge release for $15.95 (or $14.35 if you’re quick!) over on MangaGamer’s official site. Of course, you can also try out the demo that samples many scenes from the common route and some special scenes from each of the main characters.

The story follows Rao-Ji, a Drachene taken from her home as an egg and raised to be a part of a collection of exotic peoples put on display. As nobles frequent the Menagerie to partake in its services and new creatures are brought in to be trained, Rao-Ji is caught up in new people and their stories. Whether Rao-Ji learns the truth of her past or comes to enjoy her new home is entirely up to you.

The full game is set to launch mid September, 2015 – look forward to it!

If you prefer to be a bit more involved, supporting Lupiesoft’s Patreon at the $25 level or above will grant you access to each beta the team releases. Not only do you get to see things early and help the team with feedback, it also helps support the month-by-month costs of hiring writers, other team members and supporting the artist.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy the demo and look forward to the full release!