VNs NOW! Interview and EVN Bingo

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in General, Projects

VNs Now! Interview

The lovely JP over at VNs NOW! has interviewed me for his April spotlight! You can read about some of my editing history, my thoughts on VNs, and where I hope to go in the future over here.

VNs NOW! is a website that highlights the passion in the English visual novel scene and holds it up for the world to see. The site reviews games, interviews developers, and holds an annual competition called the Best Ofs!

JP and I are also holding a game of EVN Bingo in order to review this year’s NaNoRenO lineup. NaNoRenO (not an abbreviation for anything) is an annual event where visual novel developers make a game in the month of March. It is usually hosted by Lemma Soft forums.

You can read about the game here and follow our desperate struggle for victory on our Tumblrs (JP | Mine).

(Edit: Some links are down due to VNs Now! site move)