This is an archive of all Nocturnes Magazine issues, with links to all artists and writers involved. The official Nocturnes website is offline and has been taken over by a different magazine. Click on the picture to download.

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Issue 3

Nocturnes Magazine Issue 3

Issue Staff:

  • Editor | Shadocchi
  • Designer | Nick Green


The Smell of Strawberries by jashuugan with art by Archeia

Shoes on the Edge by Nyah with art by Kirsch Yamagata

No Feels by Tim C Peters with art by Taosym

Swallowed Alive by the Demon by Bishop Myers with art by SorceressKyrsty


Hard copy is available through Magcloud. The issue is 8.25″ x 10.75″, perfect-bound, matte paper cover.

Issue 2

Nocturnes Cover 2

Issue Staff:

  • Editor-in-Chief | Kezia
  • Editor | Shadocchi
  • Designer | Toaster


Cover art by Magister

Salt Coil by Rented Music with art by Arceonn

Soulmates by Brofisto with art by Magister [x|x]

A Few Hours Later by Four with art by Pana


Hard copy is available through Magcloud. The issue is 8.25″ x 10.75″, saddle-stitched, matte paper cover.

Issue 1

Nocturnes Cover 1

Issue Staff:

  • Editor-in-Chief | Kezia
  • Co-ordinator | Agepoyo
  • Editor | Stove
  • Contents Design | Nocturnes Staff


Cover art by Chegovia [x|x]

Radiance by Steve with art by Pas

A Righteous Murderer by Four with art from Panties

The Confession by AJ Adejare with art from Agepoyo [x|x]

My Performance by J.M “Cielo” with art by Magister [x|x