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Title: Break Chance Memento

Release Date: July 21st , 2013 (Demo)
December 16th, 2015 (Release)

Creator: Cyanide Tea

Genre: Time Travelling Sci-Fi Visual Novel

Status: Commercial

It’s been four years after their sister’s death but the Amamiya family is still broken. With their parents continuing to grieve over their loss, Shuuki and his older brothers pass each day until their routine life is interrupted by the gruesome murder of the middle brother, Masaharu. As Shuuki struggles to come to terms with yet another family death, a man named Kyousuke appears and offers him the chance to prevent it. All Shuuki needs to do is travel back in time.

Break Chance Memento is a plot-heavy science fiction visual novel with slice of life elements and a touch of boy’s love. I edited the game’s second demo in 2013 in addition to the entire script for the full release in 2015.

Where to find Break Chance Memento:



Official website

Cyanide Tea Website