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Title: dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~

Release Date: May, 2012

Creator: RoseVeRte

Genre: Mystery Otome Dating Sim

Status: Commercial

dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ is the story of Yukina Kudou, who is much more than a sickly girl. As assistant to the school principal, she pretends to be frail in order to carry out secret spy work on her boyfriend who happens to be the principal’s (younger) clone. As Yukina is encouraged to perform better with her duties, she discovers a number of things about her boyfriend and the principal, and must decide if she wants to continue on the path of lies or find her way to truth.

I edited the script for the re-release of dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ in February and March of 2012. The re-release is a longer commercial release of the free game dUpLicitY ~Eternal Lie~, and features more routes, event graphics and other features. The script for this particular game was translated from Japanese, meaning much of my editing work involved ensuring that text was easy to understand and was error-free.