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Title: Dysfunctional Systems Episode 0: Orientation

Release Date: Cancelled

Creator: Dischan

Genre: Episodic Sci-Fi Visual Novel

Status: Commercial

Please note: this is not to be confused with Dysfunctional Systems: Orientation, a rewrite of Episode 0 that was made years after the cancellation.

After running a Kickstarter to fund the Dysfunctional Systems series, Dischan met a number of stretch goals, including a goal to make a short prologue to the series. Dysfunctional Systems Episode 0: Orientation follows Winter’s first week of school where she’s introduced to the concept of mediation while she prepares for the dangers of other planes. It also introduces many of the characters that appear in later episodes.

I edited Episode 0 from its time in late production phase until its eventual cancellation. Unfortunately, there is no playable build available of this version.

Where to find Dysfunctional Systems:

Dischan Website

Kickstarter Page