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Title: Nocturnes Magazine

Release Date: Quarterly (Ended)

Genre: Light Novel Magazine

Status: Free

Due to the sheer size of these preview images, you will need to download issues in order to properly read the text.

Nocturnes Magazine was an online publication that provided feedback on stories while editing and publishing light novel stories written by amateur authors alongside illustrations by volunteer artists.

I became a permanent member of the Nocturnes Magazine staff after their initial release in February 2012. With the production of issue two and three, I assisted with sending feedback to writers, selecting stories to publish, editing, proofreading, quality checking the final copy and writing editorials.

With issue three, I handled my regular tasks but also collaborated with the artists and graphic designer to produce the final product. The magazine was forced to end thereafter due to staff issues.

Where to find Nocturnes Magazine:

Nocturnes Magazine Issue Archive