If you’re thinking about hiring me or want to discuss a project together but have some general questions, please feel free to browse the answers below. You can click on one question to expand or collapse it, or you could expand all or collapse all.

[expand title=”What do you do?“]

I edit or proofread whatever kind of text you’d like me to, in whichever way you’d like me to.

With proofreading, I cover basic things such as grammar and proper punctuation as well as more subtle things such as unnecessary word repetition, language usage and fact checking. However, proofreading means that I work with the text (mostly right before it is released), so I don’t suggest large, story-changing edits.

Editing involves a more in-depth look, preferably a while before release, and includes:

  • A general sweep, where I fix all punctuation, spelling, spacing and minor grammar problems that don’t impact on meaning, tone or inflection. This also includes minor formatting options if it’s prose, or checking minor Ren’py coding problems, such as a misplaced quotation mark.
  • Macro issues, where I highlight problems with structure, paragraph length, logical errors and language for you to look over when you’re ready.
  • Micro issues, where I highlight and edit stylistic choices covered under our style sheet and discuss formatting issues that may arise when the story is typeset, published to the web or formatted for a textbox.
  • Line-by-line, where I do a thorough check of previous stages with attention to how the story works on a sentence level.
  • Quality check, where I look over the text a last time to ensure no small errors have made it through.

With either service, I can edit in-file, with Track Changes in a Microsoft Word document, make comments with Adobe Reader sticky notes, or make a separate document with a list of lines that need edits for you to go through and change at a later time.

I can also work with you on a large project or manuscript and focus on character development and story progression (as well as all of above) to help you perfect your writing.



[expand title=”Can you work through (service)?“]

I can work through Dropbox, Google Drive, email, Skype, IRC file transfer, publishwith.me (and similar sites) or Freelancer.com. If you’d like to work through another service, like Trello for example, mention it to me and I can most likely sign up and get working. So long as I can access documents directly (and not cut-and-pasted text), I can work.

You can also contact me regularly through email, Skype, AIM, Twitter, IRC, Steam and/or Google Talk.[/expand]


[expand title=”What kind of texts have you edited before?“]

Here’s a handy list:

  • Academic essays
  • Articles (including content farm articles)
  • Blog posts
  • Business proposals
  • Crowdfunding project pages
  • Emails
  • Grant applications
  • Pen and paper game manuals
  • Poetry (free verse)
  • Prose (short story and novel-length, self-contained and series)
  • Script (visual novel and theatre)
  • Textbooks / Workbooks
  • Translated texts (predominately Japanese to English)

For more specific examples, most of the projects listed on my portfolio page have been completed or have released a demo. I don’t list all projects I complete as often my clients don’t like to have information about their work be made public.[/expand]


[expand title=”What are your qualifications?“]

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing in 2012. During my studies, I undertook editing subjects to prepare for work in publishing houses. These subjects involved working on editing small zines as well as editing and working on a large print publication. After graduating, I spent six years as assistant staff for a writers’ centre, where I worked on all things editing, publishing, marketing and social media.

While Australia has a formal editing accreditation exam through IPEd, it is not practical for me to sit for it at the moment, so my qualifications are my degree and past editing experiences.[/expand]


[expand title=”Do you have any content restrictions?“]

I’m fine editing or proofreading regular romance and any range of erotica for any sexual pairing. Most of my previous work has involved lesbian couples, but there’s a fairly even spread of heterosexual and gay couples.

Texts that contain fetish content may vary for me, but I’m generally okay with most things that can be accepted on a certain imageboard.

However, I would prefer not to work on any overly religious texts or texts that actively encourage hate speech.[/expand]


[expand title=”Do you have any length restrictions?“]

I would like to keep projects within 100,000 words unless larger projects are broken down and spaced out over months or years.[/expand]


[expand title=”Do you need visual novel scripts to be specially formatted?“]

Nope! I’m fine working with .rpy files or similar file types I can open in a text editor.[/expand]


[expand title=”Do you only edit American texts?“]

Not at all – I can be quite diverse. I have the general US, Australian and Canadian style manuals on hand and can easily reference a UK or European English manual if need be. I’ve edited in Canadian English, US English, UK English and Australian English before, though not all are listed on my portfolio.[/expand]


[expand title=”Can I hire you to write?“]

Unfortunately, writing isn’t something I enjoy as much as editing. Apart from one-off things such as EVN bingo, which I like to do for fun, or passion projects like Rice Digital and my Tumblr, I prefer to edit rather than write. This is unlikely to change over time.[/expand]


[expand title=”What’s your price range? Payment method?“]

Since I like to work predominantly with indie-developed visual novels, I adjust my prices to the project’s budget. You can talk numbers with me over email though!

I take payment through PayPal and can send you an invoice to keep on your records.

With projects under 10,000 words that I can complete in a day, it’s fine for you to pay me after I’ve sent you the final edits. With longer projects, or ongoing projects, I’d like for you to pay half the amount we agree upon upfront and half after everything is done. With ongoing small projects, I can complete a certain number of articles or sections, but I will need you to pay me regularly, as a precaution due to the number of people who haven’t.

The above does not apply to friends or good acquaintances though.[/expand]


[expand title=”How can I contact you? What do I say?“]

Sending me an email is the easiest way to get in touch since, unless I’m working or out of range, I will get your email as soon as it’s sent. You can send me a query and ask for a quote or send a document (sample or full) and see if I’m available. You can also contact me casually over Twitter (@Shadocchi) or send a message via my contact form here – or here if you’re reading this via Japanese Google translate.

Generally, I need to know a bit about who you are, what you’d like me to edit (form, topic, word length, audience, any special knowledge requirements), the amount of time you want it done in, and anything else you feel is appropriate. I’m on GMT +10, so I may take a few hours to respond but I will generally get back to you within 24 hours.[/expand]