Year in Editing (2012)

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Thoughts On

This year I graduated from university, edited and/or proofread five games, edited four publications, wrote 1,103 game descriptions, and wrote dialogue for a voiced side-scrolling bullet hell game. I think 2012 has been alright.

I started out with a goal to edit a game a month, which I stuck to for a while, but I was soon too occupied with my work for Nocturnes, my university anthology and another online magazine I edited separate from my pseudonym. Editing these publications turned into something of a full-time job in September and October especially, but having a printed anthology on my shelf and seeing a new online magazine grow is a pretty good feeling. As Nocturnes has to cease publication due to its editor-in-chief leaving, I also started setting up Keystroke Magazine, which will launch in 2013 and hopefully have a longer run.

Game script editing I’m rather happy with, despite not being able to fulfil my goal this year. I haven’t edited for many released games yet, so seeing dUpLicityX-Note and Analogue out and doing well (Analogue in particular) is all I could wish for. Analogue’s DLC “Hate Plus” will be coming out next year too.

On the writing front, I wrote dialogue for Studio Nihi’s Little Witch Sayuri-chan (version 1.1) though it hasn’t been released yet. There’s a voice reel here with some alternate story introductions voiced by LilyPichu. Later in the year, I picked up a job writing short flash game descriptions for a game website but after playing thousands of those games, I’m ready to stop forever.

I do an editing word count every year because it’s nice to have a numerical value to the projects I worked on. Last year’s editing word count was 212,688 words. This year’s count is 274,314. Might reach 300,000 next year!

I’m really grateful to have worked on so many projects this year and even more grateful for the projects already lined up in 2013. If you’re reading this and haven’t looked at anything I mentioned, I encourage you to play the demos or read the issues at the very least.

Here’s to a great new year!