Year in Editing (2013)

Posted by on Dec 31, 2013 in Thoughts On

I really need to show my gratitude for all the amazing things that have happened this year. I’ve been so fortunate to have met lots of great people and work on great games and even try my hand at new mediums so I can learn and grow as an editor. In my personal life I have also been very fortunate to have a new working space, equipped with a desk and a desktop, that allows me to comfortably work on more demanding games and edit well into the warmer days as summer approaches.

I started 2013 editing articles, carrying over from a job I took towards the end of 2012. I edited seventy travel articles and about sixty-five SEO-focused articles about a range of topics from medical issues to online security. Shortly after, I edited the finished script for the Dizzy Hearts demo which released in February and edited most of the text for the Dizzy Hearts Kickstarter which launched the month after. I then moved on to editing a fantasy trilogy and a side-story novel for an author before I took up the job of writing fortnightly articles for Rice Digital – a site which I continue to write for today.

Towards the middle of the year, I was taken on as editor for the second demo release of Break Chance Memento. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the mastermind behind the murder is… yet. Hate Plus editing started in late July and was finished on time for its August 19th release on Steam. Around this time I was also picked up as the editor for Vacant Sky Awakening which quickly became something very exciting to work on after Project BC announced the game would be available for OUYA, Android and Vita in addition to the standard PC and Mac release. How cool is working on a game that will be on a handheld console? Very cool.

On the personal project front, I teamed up with JP of VNs  Now! to cover this year’s range of NaNoRenO titles, although I ended up losing our game of bingo. Afterwards, I was interviewed for a revival of the site’s developer interview section. I also launched and opened submissions for my Nocturnes spin-off magazine project, Keystroke, but soon found that I’m not quite ready to handle marketing a publication without a steady sense of purpose.

The tail end of the year slowed down for me as ongoing projects went into development phase for other areas. I still managed to edit for a few more projects, including another novel, various university essays, some VN scripts and related texts, and a secret book-like thing that I can’t tell you anything about because the NDA lasts for ten years. To end the year, I was announced VNs Now’s Best Editor for 2013, an award given to recognise the efforts of people working in the English visual novel scene.

And now to my yearly word count~ While last year’s count stood at close to 270,000 words, this year’s comes in at 684,791 words.

There are a bunch of things I’m looking forward to next year and I hope to be just as busy. Here’s to 2014!