Year In Editing (2014)

Posted by on Dec 28, 2014 in Thoughts On

After last year’s abundance of amazing projects, 2013 was going to be pretty hard to beat. Things certainly weren’t as busy this year, but I did get to work on a wide range of projects as always.

I started the year editing a series of short stories released as part of Vacant Sky Awakening‘s exclusive Kickstarter backer rewards, collected in an ebook entitled Vacant Sky Awakening: Overture of Innocence. Kim Dyer wrote three amazing tie-in stories that delve into past events to give players some very interesting links with the game. They’re not publicly available yet, but as soon as they’re up for everyone, you can bet you’ll be hearing about it.

Slightly concurrently to that, I edited The Reject Demon: Toko in time for its Valentine’s Day release. It was Lupiesoft’s first full game release and certainly got a lot of attention, enough for the group to announce a remake to improve the game at a later date. I was also taken on for Lupiesoft’s next concurrent project to Dizzy Hearts, The Menagerie, which has a demo coming out in the new year.

In March, I reached my first anniversary of writing for Rice Digital, something I celebrated with a look at Corpse Party -Rebuilt-. While I had to take a break during the months after, I still write about various Japanese visual novels for the website.

After this and throughout the rest of the year, I: wrote some anime recommendation lists for a certain website; took a look at some short academic essays; designed and did layout for two print anthologies; edited health articles; edited a rulebook that formed the basis of a game later released on Steam; edited two large novels and then edited another novel later in the year. I finished the year by editing a script for a certain visual novel prologue that will release in the coming weeks.

This year was certainly very busy for me with more than just editing work, and while I would have liked to help with more visual novels, 2015 is looking bright. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of projects enter their final stages of production so that everyone can have even more amazing games to play.

My 2013 word count stood at 684,791 words. This year’s word count fell to 500,333 words.

As always, I’m so proud to be a part of so many amazing projects and I’m hoping 2015 will turn out just as great!