Year in Editing (2015)

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in Thoughts On

With last year’s work dedicated to finishing projects and working on prose, 2015 looked to be a year of starting new projects and working with new teams. While some of that happened, it was actually a year I dedicated more to writing.

At the start of 2015 I took a trip aboard the Cyanide Tea train as they took me on to edit the rest of Break Chance Memento. After many years of development hell, it released on December 16th and, if you vote for it on Steam Greenlight, will likely hit Steam! Not long after that, I edited the demo for Lupiesoft’s first adult game release, The Menagerie, which soon went public on MangaGamer. As I couldn’t work on the full game for its release in October, my role was passed on to capable editor Chad Bonin.

March brought around NaNoRenO and I was keen to work with new people on a short project. As it happened, I worked with two new groups to make two games with girl x girl options (a total coincidence~). The first, Innate Imperfections, released a demo in April with a content update later in the year. The second, Cute Demon Crashers!, came out a little later (with the full game released as an update in August) and was incredibly well received with all who like cute demons and fluffy, sex-positive stories.

March was also my second anniversary of writing for Rice Digital, something which I celebrated by writing about NaNoRenO. My visual novel spotlights continued throughout the year, though not as frequently as before.

In May, something of a repeat from last year, I edited the re-release of The Reject Demon: Toko. Except with this version, a whole lot was updated and improved. It also made its way to Steam, joining the many great VNs on the storefront. The prelude to Toko was the last thing I edited for Lupiesoft, and the last new visual novel I would edit in 2015.

For the rest of the year, I dedicated myself to important irl endeavors and finishing current projects while spending my downtime writing for a niche website. I ended up completing a set amount of writing for it per month, all throughout the year, making 2015 a comparatively writing-heavy year.

My work in 2015 was a little out of the usual, but as always I enjoyed helping developers send their creations into the world. The teams I work with and the games they release are consistently amazing and I encourage you to give them a try at the very least. As for 2016, I’m not queuing myself up for the amount of projects I usually do but I’m hoping it’s a solid year all the same.

While last year’s editing word count was 500,333 words, this year amounted to 258,451 words. On the writing side of things, I managed to write 78,287 words.