Year In Editing (2016)

Posted by on Jan 1, 2017 in Thoughts On

I wasn’t going to write a post for 2016, but in order to move into 2017 with more confidence, I feel I need to reflect on this year and leave a vague general overview to remember and point back to later.

Halfway through 2015 was a very rough time (that had a fairly huge impact on 2016), which is a large part of why I dropped out of active development groups. I needed to focus on living day-to-day and it left me little flexibility for visual novel work (which, due to timezones and deadlines, is often right on crunch time) or editing work in general.

2016, then, was a year I went into with less plans than usual. I still had a writing job I carried over from 2015, but beginning the year with a month of no internet and a pile of work was a fairly good indicator for how the rest of the year would go. Irl, I had less and less stability and was thrust back into working for a thoroughly draining place I had quit only four months prior. This didn’t change all that much, and I only felt more burnt out as time went on. I stopped enjoying the last few things I could enjoy, everything became work I was behind on, and there were a lot of days I didn’t get out of bed. My partner and friends were an incredible source of drive that kept me going throughout the year.

However, the work I did manage to do in 2016 set me up for a better year ahead. Ladykiller in a Bind came out, I edited a novel, worked on two print anthologies, wrote content for a website and worked on a few other things (like a cat with no tail). I’m still behind on many things, but I’m already catching up and making moves to ensure I can work better in the future.

My goal for 2017 is to triple my savings and use it to move closer to my partner, securing a job there that can sustain a stable lifestyle and using my new freedom to decorate the house with the most awful weeaboo things I can find. To do this I need to freelance my heart out, so please look forward to a year of progress.

Let’s put this year’s wordcount as 250,000 even (though I likely surpassed last year’s count).